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We’re about more than PE! Our education programs are designed to help teachers reinforce key educational concepts in a fun and effective way. Our focus areas are Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), as well as, health and character development. This year we introduce our new Math Academy. From statistics to scores, we’re showing students that if you love sports, you love math!

Our educational programming for grades pre-K through 12th are designed to meet the Virginia Standards of Learning guidelines. Whether you visit us at the Hall of Fame & Museum, or we come to your classroom, all of our lessons are presented with Active Learning principles which encourage students to get up and move around while learning. This approach energizes kids and encourages increased retention of information.

For more information, contact the Education Department at (757) 393-8031, ext. 12.

Let Us Come to You - The Hall of Fame Hits the Road

Did you see a program that you like, but you can't make it to us? Have us come to you!

Most of our programs are also available in your classroom! Programs can be held in any large, open area for our very active programs or in the classroom for some of our less active programs. An “In Your Classroom” experience is a great and exciting way to review for a test or possible as a reward after the test. For any questions about our outreach programs or to book an “In Your Classroom” experience please contact Elaina Trafny (757)393-8031 Ext. 12 or email trafnye@vshfm.com.


The 2016-17 Education Brochure is now available!

Download the newest version of our Education Brochure by clicking here. This is the ultimate teacher resource when booking field trips, outreach programs and general information on how we can best assist you! If you would like a hard copy, please email trafnye@vshfm.com.

Math Academy Programs are Back for 2016-17!

Math Academy programs are back by popular demand for the 2016-2017 school year. Due to overwhelming positive feedback from teachers about our Math Academy classes, we have decided to continue our Math Academy Program series. From number sense to fractions and decimals, to plotting and analyzing graphs, there is a math topic for every grade level. Show your students how fun math really is with the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum’s Math Academy. 


Math, Science, Fitness and Family Fun Nights at Your School

Is your school having a Family Math Night? Or maybe a Health Awareness Night? Whether it’s Math, Science, Health or Fitness the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum would love to be a part of your special evening. Our staff will work with you to customize your program and activities to make your night a memorable one for everyone.  Rates are $125.00 for the first two sessions and each additional session is $50.00.

For any group/ session that is over 30 students a second staff member is required at charge of $15.00 per hour booked.  


Tell Us What You Think of Us!

Thank you for visiting us at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum! We hope that you and your students enjoyed your education program and had a great time. Please let us know any thoughts on how you believe the program/experience went.

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum would also like to enhance our education programs/services to give more fulfillments to you and your students. We are asking for feedback from you regarding our services and whether there are any comments and/or improvements you have.

Please click on the teacher survey link below to give us your feedback.

Thank you!

Teacher Survey »



Don’t Miss Our Future Resources and Programs!
We offer additional resources, programs and events just for teachers throughout the year. If you want to receive notifications about upcoming new programs and resources, please send your email address to Elaina Trafny at trafnye@vshfm.com. In the subject line, write “Education Resources Email List.” For questions or more information about our programs, you may also call Elaina Trafny at (757) 393-8031, ext. 12.



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Booking Education Programs
Unless otherwise noted, education programs are available on site at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum or as an “In Your Classroom” outreach. Please book your program at least two weeks in advance. After scheduling, you will be emailed a Confirmation/Invoice form, directions to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, our polices and an FAQ.
Call our reservationist at (757) 393-8031 ext. 10 between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

On Site Programs at Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
On Site Group Size Requirements
• Group size: Minimum 10 and maximum 100 students
• Chaperones: 1 adult chaperone is required per every 10 students

On Site Program Fees (valid through June 30, 2016)
• Student Admission: $6 per student—includes admission, guided tour, education program or Scavenger Hunt
• Teacher Admission: 1 teacher free with valid ID for every 10 students (teachers without valid ID will be charged $6 each)
• Chaperone Admission: $6 per person

Payment for all programs, scavenger hunts, guided tours, and admissions are required in full on the day of the visit. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Checks should be made payable to “Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum.”

“In Your Classroom” Outreach Programs
All programs (except Scavenger Hunts) are available to travel to your classroom. High activity programs may be held in any large, open area. Low activity programs can be held in a classroom. Program activity levels are noted with program descriptions, and our staff will help you determine the appropriate space for your level. Programs last 35 to 45 minutes.

Outreach Class Size
Minimum 10 students per program
• Maximum 30 students per program

Outreach Program Fee
• $100 per program

Travel Mileage
• Free for schools in Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach. For all other cities contact our Reservationist for mileage rates.

Full payment is required two weeks prior to your outreach program and held as a deposit and processed the day of your program. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Checks should be made payable to “Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum.”

Cancellations may be made 14 or more days before the scheduled visit. Groups cancelling 13 or fewer days prior to their scheduled program will be billed the full cost of their reservation.

Visiting the Museum for On Site Programs

When You Arrive

Please have students remain on bus upon arrival. Museum staff will greet your bus on Middle Street. Your group leader will be asked to present the Confirmation/Invoice Form and payment to the ticket office upon arrival.

Late Arrival
If your group is more than 15 minutes late we cannot guarantee you will have enough time to complete the entire scheduled program or guided tour. Staff will adjust schedule as necessary.

Bus Parking
Free bus parking is available. Parking instructions will be given to lead bus driver upon arrival.

Tour Agenda
10:00 am Students, teachers and chaperones will unload from buses. Everyone will go to the Cox Communications Theater for orientation. If you have scheduled lunch at the museum, bag lunches will be dropped off in the Sports Gallery.

10:15 am Students will tour the museum, see our inspirational video, participate in education program or Scavenger Hunt, and visit the Final Score Gift Shop (if desired).

12:30 pm Departure for groups not staying for lunch OR bag lunches in Sports Gallery if scheduled

1:00 pm Departure for groups who stayed for lunch

Groups may bring bag lunches to eat in the Sports Gallery before returning to school, providing Sports Gallery is available. Please note that vending machines are not available.

The Final Score Gift Shop
Teachers may request that groups not visit the Gift Shop. Only 10 students with chaperone are allowed in Gift Shop at one time so that we may better serve you.

Student Conduct
Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior of the group and must remain with the group at all times. The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum reserves the right to terminate the visit, without reimbursement, to any group or individual that is inadequately supervised or acting in an irresponsible manner.

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum is proud to offer grant opportunities, in the Hampton Roads community, for the 2016-17 academic year.

Active Learning Grant
Sponsored by the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Education Foundation

“One Day, One Goal, 100 Children”

Our goal is to have 100 students a day actively learning one of our education programs until the end of the school year! All schools are eligible to apply for the Active Learning Grant. The Active Learning Grant will cover museum admission and education program or an “In Your Classroom” experience for students that receive free and reduced lunch. Please click here for the 2016-17 Active Learning Grant Application.

All Grant applications must be completed and faxed to (757) 393-8288 Attn: Elaina Trafny or e-mailed to trafnye@vshfm.com.


2016 Summer Programs: (Programs that are * are MUSEUM ONLY; outreach programs can be customized)


The Amazing Race Museum Scavenger Hunt*: Your campers will work with a group to find the answers o the questions and locate the artifacts. Each team will be given a variety of descriptions, photos, questions and a map that will send them on a scavenger hunt through Virginia Sports History. This program requires your campers to work together, communicate with one another and problem solve.  Recommended grade level is 3rd grade and older.

2015 Summer Camp Olympics: Every summer is Olympic time at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum! Your campers will first learn the history of the Summer Olympics Games, and Virginia Olympians and also the importance of sportsmanship in competitions. The campers will then be split into different countries of the world to compete in fun and wacky twists on some current Summer Olympic events. Only one country can gain the title of The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Olympic Champion. So, let the games begin!! Recommended age is 12 and under.

Legends of the Wall*: Who exactly are the names on the wall in the Hall of Honor?  Your campers will take a step into Virginia’s Sport History and pick a Hall of Famer from the walls of the Hall of Honor. They will then use the exhibits and interview museum staff to find out more about the inductee and their career achievements by filling in answers to a biography questionnaire. The campers will then make a craft honoring their inductee that they can bring home to show mom and dad! Recommended grade level is 3rd grade and older.

Hall of Famer in Training: Hard work, determination, leadership, these are a few of the qualities in a Hall of Famer.  This program teaches campers what it takes to be a Hall of Famer. They will learn how to draw conclusions, discovering the importance of respect, honesty, self-control and explore how to be a team player in and out of the classroom with cooperative games and activities. Recommended for grades K- 6th and Future Stars of the Commonwealth recommended for 7th and above)

Mascot Madness: What’s a Hokie? Duke? Monarch? Meet the lively and entertaining mascots of Virginia’s Universities. A mascot’s job is to keep the crowd excited and having fun at all sporting events, and that is why we here at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum feel we need a mascot too. In this program, we will hire your campers to help create a mascot for us that will keep the crowd entertained. The campers will make a mascot craft to bring home.

Preschool Only Programs: (Outreach Only)

My Healthy Preschool: This Preschool Program (3 – 5 year olds) will have your littlest campers learning about the healthy foods and the different food groups and also the importance of being active with The Learning Station!

Fit ‘N Fun: Each camper will be up and moving around with music and fun physical activities. The campers will discover the effects of physical activity on their heart rate by listening and feeling their hearts before and after the program.

Moving with Numbers: Your preschools with be exercising, stretching, dancing, jumping and skipping around with numbers. This fun program will get your preschools moving and grooving while getting them familiar with numbers.



Summer 2016 Camp Group rates.


Museum Visit Rate (1 Chaperone FREE per 10 kids):

$6.00 per camper for Museum visit & Summer Program

$7.00 per camper for Museum visit & Summer Program (if less than 10)

$6.00 per additional Camp Counselors & chaperones

Partial deposit due 2 weeks prior to date booked


Lunch space is available. Reservation required.


Outreach Rate:

$100.00 for first summer program

Maximum 30 campers per each program session.


To book your camp group, please call (757) 393-8031 ext. 10.


Scout Information

Discover + Connect + Take Action

Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

There is no “I” in team, or in Scout.

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum is more than just sports. The artifacts that make up the museum represent the hard work, determination, and leadership skills it takes to be successful. Together with the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, your Girl Scout can further develop their positive values and team building skills through our Girl Scout Programs.  All programs promote cooperation and help develop healthy relationships while also educating and inspiring the girls to take action.

 $10.00 per Girl Scout (includes Admission, Museum Exploration Patch and Program)

1 Adult Chaperone Free with every 10 scouts. Each additional Adult is regular admission ($7.00)

Girl Scout Programs:

Scavenger Hunt (Group Hunt)

3...2...1... ACTION! 

Hall of Famer in Training

Self-Guided Explore the Museum (regular admission; Museum patch sold separately) 

Scavenger Hunt (Group Hunt):

Girls Scouts will develop a strong sense of self and positive values when working with a team or as an individual to find and answers all the question clues. The Girl Scout will also have to use their problem solving skills to use the surrounding resources to find the answer or aid in the quest for the clue. The accomplishments made by women in Virginia’s Sport History and the work and dedication to took that individual to achieve those goals will help educate the Girl Scouts as well as inspire them to maybe one day have their name in the Hall of Honor.  

3…2…1… ACTION!

The program starts with watching and exploring popular public service announcements and ad campaigns that are combating obesity and advocating moving and being active. When faced with a problem to get their neighborhoods moving and active, the girls are asked to work together to create a commercial/ PSA promoting their program and to get their message out to their community. The commercial will then be filmed and played back for the class and possibly even put on our website!

Hall of Famer in Training:

This program covers the qualities and characteristics of a Hall of Famer and what it means to be a leader, hard worker, a good listener, and great team player. The girls are asked what it means to be these things and how to someone with these characteristics acts and how they can display these qualities in their daily lives. The program then continues with cooperative games and teamwork activities that challenge the Girl Scouts to display those qualities and work together one another to achieve the goal of the activity.

Self-Guided Explore the Museum Program

Explore the museum at your own pace and earn your Museum Exploration Patch. Your Girl Scout and Troop may appreciate a little more independence while exploring the museum. All you have to do is print off the activity sheet and bring with you. Once you’re here, follow the directions and instructions to help navigate you through the exhibit areas and interactive areas. Once you have completed the activity, stop in the Final Score Gift Shop to purchase your Museum Exploration Patch.

Print out the Exlore the Museum Program here.

Scout Overnight Camp-Ins

Our fun-filled overnight programs provide your scout group the opportunity to explore the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum.  We strive to engage and inspire your scouts in an interactive and hands-on learning environment, allowing them to create, learn, grow and have a fantastic time.  Here, your scouts will advance their knowledge and skills earning them the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum badge as well as a certificate of completion.

** $35.00 per scouts/siblings, $20 per adult

Have a specific goal or idea in mind? At the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, we are happy to tailor any of our programs just for your scouts.

If you would like more information, check date availability, or would like to book a reservation, please contact Elaina Trafny, our Education Coordinator.

Elaina Trafny

Education Coordinator

Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

206 High Street | PO Box 370

Portsmouth, VA 23705

Fax (757) 393-8288

Tel. 757.393.8031 | trafnye@vshfm.com | www.vshfm.com

















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